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Talking Horses: Longchamp had an opportunity, it delivered a shambles


Reports of long queues – alongside hiked ticket prices – means the French course missed a chance to impress

The vivid complaints of those who paid to be at Longchamp on Sunday suggest to me failures on a grand scale by the French racing authorities. If you’re going to hike your ticket price to €75 for general admission, thereby slashing your crowd to 35,000 from 55,000, the very least you should be doing is offering a really big welcome for those loyal folk who still come.

Instead, we get reports of queues for food, drink, toilets and betting that forced people to choose between waiting their turn and watching the next race. Apparently, some finally reached the front of the food queues and were told there was nothing left to buy. That a crowd of that reduced size should have been treated in that way is unforgivable.

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Longchamp was shambolic on Sunday. We queued for 45 mins at one bar only for it to be summarily closed by the barmaid once we’d reached the front of the queue. Really poor. Enable delivered though, so all in all – a great day. @Stevolution76

Agree. No way near enough toilets and facilities not able to cope with amount of people. As ticket prices had been bumped up everyone rightly expected a better experience. Wine all sold out before the 3rd race. I think on another race day it would be awesome but arc day no

I have to say the new Longchamp isn’t as nice as the old,two small bars and massive queue’s for the toilets and a much smaller paddock stand

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