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Sublime swerve, motorbike madness and an introduction to Kin-Ball | Classic YouTube


This week’s roundup also features T20 action, the best of Wesley Sneijder and Marshawn Lynch’s philosophy

1) Geraldao Dutra Pereira or Geraldão, a centre-back by trade, scored probably the greatest swerving free-kick of all time that you haven’t seen for Cruzeiro in 1986.

2) Burt Reynolds, who died last week aged 82, was a college football running back before he headed for Hollywood and starred in one of cinema’s most famous gridiron depictions in the Longest Yard, a tale of a former NFL player recruiting a group of prisoners to play against their guards. Here’s a trailer for the 1974 film. Until Vinnie Jones made Mean Machine, a football-based remake in 2001, the closest UK equivalent to The Longest Yard’s in-game action was this scene from 1979’s Porridge: The Movie.

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