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Ronaldo plays the sun king before United storm the Juventus fortress | Barney Ronay


This was poised to be a tribute to the great Cristiano before José Mourinho’s side produced a group-stage homage to 1999

Well, that was a glorious little blast from the past. And no, Cristiano, not in the way you were hoping. Grit, pluck, a feverish belief in the plan: it seems odd now that just a few weeks back these were precisely the things this Manchester United team seemed to be lacking.

Instead of which on a mild, still, occasionally fevered night in Turin United produced a moment of Barcelona-lite, a group stage homage to the triumphs of 1999, turning 1-0 down into 2-1 up in the final four minutes.

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Ronaldo's Ab-ripple is now a close forebear of Pardew’s dance in the hubris stakes

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