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Nilla Fischer: ‘Being a gay woman playing soccer provokes a lot of hate’


The Wolfsburg captain and Sweden international is an outspoken advocate of women’s football and LGBT rights who sees her profession in perspective

“We take one step in the right direction and two back if we don’t keep up the fight.” Wolfsburg’s Nilla Fischer has seen women’s football change a lot in her 20-year career and she is adamant that progress has been won only by fighting for it. “You can never let it be or let it rest. To get better surroundings, money, everything, it’s always a fight.”

Fischer is known for being outspoken in defence of women playing football but also, as a gay woman, in being an advocate of LGBT rights. She is one of three top European footballers to front a “Strong is … ” mini-documentary series for Uefa’s #WePlayStrong campaign about their lives off the pitch, discussing issues ranging from mental health and self-confidence to sexuality and injury trauma. Fischer’s has had more than half a million views.

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