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Naomi Osaka beats the boos and begins long road to tennis icon status | Paul MacInnes


The US Open winner has the tools to win repeatedly but Serena Williams’s example shows the hurdles that may lie in her way

You can have different views about the merits of booing at a sporting event. For some it is one of the few tools available to make your displeasure known: you’ve paid the money, you have the choice to moan like a disgruntled cow should you wish. For others, a group that may be classified as “decent human beings”, it is a bit mean-spirited and should be saved for when you come across David Cameron in the street.

Another thing about booing is that it is indiscriminate. However clear a motivation may be in the mind of the boo-er, by the time the noise has spread across an stadium all nuance is lost. You are left with an aural thump that might land squarely on the jaw of someone who in no way deserves it.

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