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Let us simplify this for Sir Craig Reedie: Wada is not doing its job | Marina Hyde


Not surprisingly reinstating Russia to international competition has not gone down particularly well, and the Wada president’s insistence he had no alternative is a laughable response

I am affronted on behalf of the World Anti-Doping Agency president Craig Reedie to learn that he was pointedly not invited to this week’s White House event entitled “Advancing International Commitment to Clean Sports: Reforming the World Anti-Doping Agency”. In many ways the White House should be a place of camaraderie for Sir Craig. He certainly wouldn’t have been the only guy in the place who thinks he has been treated very unfairly over matters relating to Russian urine.

“I am used to athletes complaining,” sniffed Reedie of the outrage over last month’s Wada decision to reinstate Russia to international competition. “But my question to them is what, in practice, is the alternative?”

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