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Historic Monza, home of Ferrari, battles for its place in F1’s future | Giles Richards


The famous circuit stages the Italian Grand Prix on Sunday but it needs a new deal with Formula One’s owners to keep going

There are few Formula One circuits that stir the heart quite like Monza, where the sense of history and passion for the sport is palpable. There are fewer still where you can reach out and touch the fabric on which this tradition has been built. The past is still very much in evidence but at this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix, for Ferrari and for Monza, the future is very much the most immediate concern.

Walk the grounds inside the track and its grand history is clear. It is being maintained and developed as a sort of automotive listed building. Here is the swathe of banking from the 1950s and inside it one of the original cobbled turns from its incarnation in 1922. They sit amid trees and bushes, majestic reminders of just how long the Parco di Monza has gloried in motor racing.

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