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From living-room commentary to buying radio rights for Australian Tests | Adam Collins


Along with Geoff Lemon, we share a love for radio cricket commentary and a belief that it is special and necessary

“What are you blokes up to now?” When explaining to friends and colleagues that I had decided to purchase the radio rights for Australia’s Test series against Pakistan, the response bounced somewhere between curious and bewildered. Geoff Lemon and I have frequently taken an unorthodox approach to staying afloat as freelancers, but buying the means of production on my credit cards, without a sponsor in sight, appeared a new and preposterous one.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, to the penultimate delivery of the 90th over of the final day at Dubai. Sure, throughout the gripping struggle our vantage point was air-conditioned and comfortable, as opposed to the sweat-soaked and heatstroked condition of players on the field. But having called half the Test each and stayed on air through almost every interval, we had logged some 21 hours apiece behind the mic by the time Tim Paine’s stoic defencestuck the landing on his fledgling side’s 140-over Mission Impossible.

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