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Finely tuned Liverpool are really getting into Jürgen Klopp’s groove


This may not have been a whirl of red pain for Tottenham, but every part of the machine looks calm and settled

Get ready. It looks as though, this time, the Reds really are coming up the hill. It was not that Liverpool played irresistibly well. This was not a performance to drive the imagination or a whirl of red pain for Tottenham. Instead this felt like something better. Liverpool were solid in every position, their combinations well-grooved, every starting player blessed with the same intelligence, the same speed and spiky aggression.

There was some fine movement at times from Sadio Mané and Roberto Firmino, who still seems to be under the impression he has only borrowed the centre-forward position and needs to absolutely thrash it into the ground every second he is there before someone asks for it back. Nobody tell him just yet. James Milner made more tackles than anyone else and prowled the midfield with a snarl, snapping after the ball like a pair of ragged claws across the turf. Virgil van Dijk did not seem to do very much, but still gave the impression of being the game’s designated grown-up.

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