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Eden Hazard and the virtue of staying put rather than going for the sake of it | Barney Ronay


Some feel it is just a matter of time before the Belgian leaves Chelsea for Spain but perhaps he realises he may never be quite so brilliant anywhere else

Almost all of the world’s problems, from daily irritations to long-term catastrophe models, are caused by people doing things. It’s not hard to trace the line of cause and effect. Growth, progress, reaching out, growing as a person: these are invariably the areas where things start to go awry, distractions from the safety of idleness, entropy and generally not doing much.

This is not a new idea. The Ten Commandments in the book of Exodus aren’t really commandments in the active sense. They’re prohibitions, warnings against the ancient menace of doing things. As much as you might want to hold an adulterous ass-coveting party in the house of your recently murdered neighbour, the Bible explicitly forbids all of these activities. And for me, Clive, rightly so.

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